title2Who am I?

That is the question isn’t it… As you read this now it is possible that you are already a friend or even a friend of a friend. You could have heard of something I did or a band that I have played in, you could have seen a video I posted or seen my name somewhere on social media but maybe, just maybe you’ve heard or seen me play & wanted to find out more and this is what i want to hear. You see, I may have never made it big, well known or ever been much of a fame chaser. To be honest, I could have given up on music years ago if not for the love of it and the fact that people genuinely seem to like what I do, and that my friend is good enough to keep me going.
People have been saying this new album is the best thing I have ever done. Why not see if you agree?

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Gray Songs

This is my second solo album, it’s been 6 years since the last and in that time I have moved house, changed my job once and my car twice, recorded an album of “old favourites” with the band (my sister’s friends), had a work accident that stopped me playing guitar for a year, entered my 30’s then mid 30’s, started wearing a ring and played lots of acoustic solo gigs. I also turned my front room into a kinda studio which is where I recorded this album.
Hope you enjoy! Gx

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