Hello and welcome to the website of singer songwriter Gray Songs.
I’m going to be honest, this website is well overdue a makeover but I unfortunately have nether the time or interest to do it…
But don’t panic, you can stream or download most of my music for free at www.graysongs.co.uk and keep up to date with live performances on Facebook.
Cheers for checking me out. See you at the bar.

You can buy my new album HERE

Gray Songs

This is my second solo album, it’s been 6 years since the last and in that time I have moved house, changed my job once and my car twice, recorded an album of “old favourites” with the band (my sister’s friends), had a work accident that stopped me playing guitar for a year, entered my 30’s then mid 30’s, started wearing a ring and played lots of acoustic solo gigs. I also turned my front room into a kinda studio which is where I recorded this album.
Hope you enjoy! Gx