Test Blog.


twoI wanted to test out the blog features on graysongs.com so I have decided to write a little bit about the album I am currently working on and how it came about.
It won’t be very interesting but I figure not many (if any) people will read it anyway.
Back in 2013 I was recording an EP for my friend Fat G. Around this time my band (My Sister’s Friends) were rehearsing in my front room/studio and using V drums on loan from the guitarist Robin. I was impressed by the quality of the V drums when used through my recording desk and even more so when whilst waiting for robin to turn up one practice night Mark added a drum track to one of the Fat G songs that I had been working on. I asked Mark if he would record drums for a Gray Songs EP and recorded some guide tracks for him to learn. Moving into 2014 Mark finally got some free time to record but by this time the five tracks had turned into ten.
At the time I wanted to concentrate on the band and put my solo work to one side, it must have been around October when I finally started writing and recording bass lines for the album and then November when my awesome girlfriend Emma bought me a brand new Faith guitar for my birthday that I started recording the guitar lines.
It is now February 2015. The ten tracks are fully recorded and just waiting for me to do a final mix before I look into getting it mastered (by anotrec2her good friend Martin Jones) I’m also considering adding an extra song that will be just a guitar and vocal recording and I guess sound a little more like my live solo performances.
Another thing I would like to add is that I have also been filming the recording of some of the songs. My plan is to use this footage in some music videos.
I guess that is all for now. End of test blog.